The Supernatural Dairies Paranormal Team

Tony Hindley

Author, Lead Investigator, Owner of Supernatural Diaries

"The last 4 years have been brilliant and we have experienced some amazing things connected to the spirit world. On 1st May 2019 it will be 5 years since I decided to set up Supernatural Diaries. The year 2014 changed my direction in life.  I'm excited to experience many more years along side a brilliant team" - Tony Hindley  


Events Manager, Researcher

"What a brilliant year we have had! Many new guest and lots of new venues. 2019 brings even more new venues all over the UK. I am excited to investigate with the Supernatural Diaries. Tony's Clairvoyant evenings have been outstanding. Looking forward to the year ahead!" - Kevin 


Social Media, Paranormal Investigator

"Another year with Supernatural Diaries has come to and end, but a new year has started. 2019 will be 5 years since Tony asked for me to join the team and I am so happy I did. We have captured some fantastic footage this year and spirit have really shown their connection to us. Bring on the new venues" - Ryan 


Paranormal Investigator

"Are you ready to join us in 2019? Are you as excited as we are?. The new venues Kevin has set up for us this year look fantastic and I am so excited to join the team for another year doing what we do best. We welcome our long standing guest and new guest to join us! Safe to say i can't wait". - Alison  


Paranormal Investigator

"Well what can I say, 2018 has been one of the best yet, but 2019 is going to be even better! With a new range of Ghost Hunting Equipment and new venues, it's safe to say im looking forward to my 5th year with Supernatural Diaries and Tony. Come along you wont be disappointed" - Dawn


Paranormal Investigator

""Well my first year with the Supernatural Diaries Team is now over, but my second year is about to start! I loved every minute working alongside a fantastic and genuine team. We have investigated amazing places and we have more new venues in 2019! Spirit have certainly worked with us this year!" - Michelle 

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