Thank you so much Tony for my reading today, it brought a lot of comfort to me, hope to have another one with you again in the near future

looking forward to seeing you again in September at the Atherton Arms, for your audience with X

Private One To One


This morning I have had a reading with Tony Hindley. Tony as I said to you this morning you have a true gift. It was an amazing reading you have made my day. Mum and Kevin coming through along with other family in spirit, reassuring me that they are around. Everything you said I could relate to. 
Thank you so much Tony whenever I feel down I can just listen to the recording of this reading and it will lift me up. Xxx



We went to Barlow Institute last night (21st April), our first ghost hunting experience and we had an amazing night led by a great team, thank you.....think i may now have the bug so hopefully see you all soon

Barlow Insitute


Went on a Investigation with the team had an absolute blast and two experiences I will NEVER forget the team are all lovely and love to get you involved can see myself returning Thank you

Will Never Forget


Had such a great experience at the Barlow's institute last night. Was slightly skeptical at first and scared of the "unknown" however I was made to feel at ease by the team and had a fantastic night! Will deffo attend another. Thank you for a great night

First Time


Had a reading off tony a few years ago been to many audience with tony he got a lot accurate for me things he couldn't of known or guessed would 100 percent recommend tony never meet anyone as genuine.

Several Readings


I spent a night at 30 East Drive and the team were absolutely fantastic and made us all feel do welcome. They were all down to earth, genuine and honest people. Highly recommended!

30 East Drive


Really enjoyed the evening , it was my first time doing something like this. And don’t think it will be my last. I came from Whitstable Kent with my sister who,lives in Rainham Kent and traveled up too our sister and niece who live it Little- lever. Thank you too all the team on the night of this event and hopefully we will see you again, x

Smithills Hall


 It was an amazing 1st experience. I'm so glad I lost my paranormal investigations virginity with such an amazing team. Shame I missed out on booking on the next up n coming event but I Defo booking on the May 1. Thanks 4 making me so welcome and sorry for screaming xx😁

What an experience!


Definitely a lively first experience. Enjoyed the 1st floor in the engine room can't say I enjoyed the rest absolutely pooped myself but overall I enjoyed it enough that I don't need to go on another one, hahaha joking.  thank you for letting me join in. Now to try and get some sleep 😊

Lively experience on my 1st Investigation


I always have a fab time on Supernatural Diaries Events.
I first started going on ‘ghost hunting’ events over a year ago, I went from being a skeptic to believing’. As Tony is a genuine psychic medium, the investigations are conducted safely and professionally!! I’m looking forward to this years events.

Ghost Hunting Events


 I have had a couple of one to one readings with Tony in the past. I really feel like i want another one now. Tony makes you feel at ease the moment you meet him, you feel like you have known him forever, he is amazing and spot on with every message he passes onto you from your loved ones in spirit. I have also been to several of his open audience with Tony, at these too, i have been given messages by him from my loved ones. please don't feel apprehensive about booking a reading with Tony, you will be amazed,he is truly gifted and such a lovely person xx

Several Readings


Recently had an e-mail reading from Tony Hindley. All I can say is WOW. He said things that were so random but so spot on he couldn't have just guessed them. The reading got me very emotional and was also very comforting. Thank you Tony. Would love a one to one reading with you xx



Had a email reading , A one to one, also been to your audience show. All spot on very professional genuine and down to earth friendly guy. Had Angel healing, but the best was you teaching me Reiki, which changed my life.. 100% recommend xx

Reiki Changed My Life


I have been on the last 6 of Supernatural Diaries paranormal investigations with Tony and the team. I love them the times flies by, and I don't want it to end, but we all have to go home at sometime. You are encouraged to participate in all the activities but no pressure is applied. If you just want to watch that's fine. Tony and the team ensure everyone is happy and put everyone at ease. Following on from the investigations I started to do the development circle, my progress is slow and I get frustrated but with Tony's encouragement and support I know it will get better. I went to a development workshop last week and I even surprised myself with the progress I made, it has made me a lot more confident. I really look forward to my Wednesday evening development now. I am going on the next investigation in July. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of doing an investigation or wanting to develop themselves spiritually try Supernatural Diaries team you wont be disappointed.

Unique in every way

Ann Francis

Well what can I say, I first met Tony 11 years ago when he gave me my first ever reading and it was breathtaking! Told me things that I had locked deep within side myself and no one could of known. I have since been on Paranormal Investigations, Circles, Workshops and more with Tony and the Supernatural Diaries Team. They are amazing and very professional. They are all unique in their own ways and ensure that their events involve you! They are not like any other company out there at this very moment in time. I wont ever go with another company, 110% the best around and the most professional in all they do! 
If you are wanting to go on an event with a difference Tony and his Team are for you! book on one, you wont be disappointed! Thanks Guys

Fantastic Team


I have been on many many "ghost hunts" in the past but Tony breaks all the rules and does an investigation like none I have ever been on before, he actually let's you use the equipment and join in rather than just hold hands and listen to the medium in charge so to speak, he uses a more modern and down to earth way to go about it and actually knows what he is doing and does not hold himself above everyone else as most medium/spiritualist do on investigations. I have also been to some of his workshops and have learned more in a few hours than I did in years with others because of his excellent way of talking and teaching, he is very approachable and will help all he can to sort out any questions you have from his workshops, I have also had a reading from him and he was very accurate about my family.

Most geunie Ghost Hunting Team around


Been to a few paranormal investigations and absolutely loved it.. its a brilliant experience! ive learnt so much from it and cant wait to come on future events.. The team are amazing and reassuring and very professional.. i even got my boyfriend  into it by attending the paranormal investigations, he loves them x

Ghost Hunt AMAZING


4 years ago I had a reading... you told me there was either a boy in spirit or a baby boy to come and some connection to my grandfather, I couldn't understand it at the time, however a week later I found out I was pregnant I went on to have a little boy, unfortunately my grandad died 3 months before he was born so we named him after my grandfather. You have an amazing gift! ☺

Even confused Tony


Had two readings and both were fantastic, on both occasions you gave me concrete evidence by saying something only i knew. You conducted the readings professionally and put me at ease from the minute i walked in. A really good experience and i would highly recommend you.



I had a reading in December everything you said has happened and starting to happen, 100% spot on with family members names and family members who has past and came into my one to one was really emotional in a great way, felt at ease and put a lot to rest. Strongly recommend tony has a true special gift and makes you feel very welcome when you meet him. He is a lovely guy definitely going again soon as I can xxx keep up the good work tony xxx

Spot on


I have been on 3 paranormal investigations which was ran very professional and i am going om another one soon i have been to watch Tony Hindley on stage twice now and both times have really enjoyed it and wen tony started his open circle and developing circle i am doing a workshop tony is such a lovely person and very professional in what he does and i will be following tony for a very long time to come thank you very much for letting me come to all your events. You are a fantastic person would always recommend to anyone xxx



I've had 2 reading now from Tony Hindley both have been different but both successful and I was really happy with both of my reading he made me feel comfortable both time s he was so accurate it's unbelievable I'd recommend him to anybody X X X

Several Readings


 I've just had my email reading from Tony and I cried with happiness! Such little details that no one on Earth would know except for me. I'm amazed and humbled and totally grateful all at the same time. I will definitely be booking in for a 1-2-1 in the New Year. Thanks so much, Tony. You've given me the positive attitude that I really needed. xxxx

Email Reading had me crying


Been to a couple of Tony's live shows and they were amazing! I've also had a 1-2-1 reading at the beginning of this year and everything he said to me was just unbelievable! I am going to book in soon for another reading. x

Well what can I say


Amazing talent, amazing person, genuine, honest and trustworthy. Would defo recommend. Gave me clarification and put my mind at ease, gave guidance and uplifted me. Thanks tony carry on your good work.xx

Genuine Guy


Not had a 1-1 reading yet, but have attended all your audiences at Atherton and Bolton..fantastic nights..so accurate gives me goosebumps...enjoying the open circle I've been to...love your open mind and way of thinking which has helped me to turn away from negativity...more positive attitude...Thank you Tony xxx

Turning away from negativity


Not yet had a reading off Tony ( but am itching to ) I've known Tony for quite a few months now and can honestly say he's one of the most genuine people you'll ever meet. I have been to his ' Evening with events, Open circle, and development classes ' and the results are so amazing. Onward and upwards, keep up the good work Tony :)

Reading With Tony

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