Srilankan Cinnamon - Natural room fragrance, refreshes and space. Clearing of negative moods.

Arabian Myrrh - Uplifting and Euphoric, Boots confidence, reduces fears and Anxieties, restores optimism and Energy.

California White Sage - Gives Positive Boost to closed spaces, neutralizes smoke and other Orders.

Frankincense - Stimulating and elevating to the mind, body and soul. Spiritually connecting.

Himalayan White Musk - Can rid you of any negative feeling's that make you anxious, helps with meditation and Promotes Good Sleep.

Indian Citronella - Pleasingly sweet and soothing. An effective antidepressant and mood lifter.

Spanish Rosemary - Pleasingly sweet and soothing. An effective Antidepressant and mood lifter

Mystic Rose - Pleasingly Sweet and soothing. An effective Antidepressant and mood lifter.


For Use With: Oil Burners, Lamp Rings, Reed Diffusers and Dried Flowers.
Packaging: 10ml Bottle
Vegan: Yes
Cruelty Free: Yes

Goloka Pure Aroma Oil

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