Spiritual Services

With Tony Hindley

Private readings

Private one to one readings can be within the comfort of your own home or within our base in Leigh. Tony's readings consist of connection to the spirit world about us, Tarot cards, Angel Card's.  All bringing messages of Past, Present & Future. 


Guided Meditation

Relax in our tranquil reading room while Tony guides you through your meditation. This helps to cleanse the Mind Body & Soul, connecting you to your spiritual connections. Candles, Incense and relaxing music will help take away the stresses of the day. Guided Meditation is also the perfect way to help develop your very own Spiritual Connection. 

House Cleansing

Do you have strange goings on within your home or work place? Do you feel you are always being watched? Tony will come along and conduct a spiritual cleansing and help any souls that need to move forward to do so. He will also link to the spiritual energy within the venue and help you to understand who it is. He will then use White sage to cleanse and seal the venue with a personal script he writes before he arrives. 


Spiritual Development

Tony believes we all have the ability to connect to the spirit world. His book "Using Your Intuition" is a testament to this. Tony runs group development workshops as well as one to one development. He will work closely with you to help you understand, develop and gain your confidence in communication with the spirit world. 

Usui Reiki Healing

Tony is a Usui Reiki Master and has been teaching this practice for 10 years. Usui Reiki Healing is a natural healing process, where energy is placed into the body to help it heal. This doesn't replace medical treatment or advice. Usui Reiki is none hands technique, which means the hands don't physical touch the body they are placed within the energy Aura and the energy is then pushed into the Aura from the palms of the hands of the healer. Usui Reiki heals the Mind, Body and Soul, bringing a calm and relaxing energy. 


Crystal Healing

Tony has been conducting Crystal Healing for 10 years. Allow the energy of the Crystals to cleanse your Mind, Body and Soul, while you are guided through meditation by Tony. Both relaxing and healing, the Crystals take away the negative from within and replace with positive energy. This doesn't replace medical treatment or advice.

Tony Hindley is a world renowned published psychic with a great reputation that supports the authenticity of his work.

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