The Williamson Tunnels are a series of extensive subterranean excavations, of unknown purpose, in the Edge Hill area of Liverpool, England. They are thought to have been created under the direction of tobacco merchant, landowner and philanthropist Joseph Williamson between 1810 and 1840. Although popularly described as "tunnels", the majority comprise brick or stone vaulting over excavations in the underlying sandstone.

Many people have visited the tunnels and have witnessed spirit sightings. Footsteps have been heard throughout the tunnels and some have said is Joseph Williamson still walking the grounds?

When you enter the tunnels, you can instantly feel the connections from the spirit world. Each step you take someone is walking with you, watching you and standing beside you.

Dare you join the Supernatural Diaries Experience Team as they investigate The Williamson Tunnels for their first time!


This event is not suitable for wheelchair users


Multiple Paranormal Investigators

1 Psychic Medium

1 Paranormal Researcher

Light Snacks

Full use of all equipment

Paranormal Investigation

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Saturday 24th September 2022

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