Ripon Workhouse is full of history, worry, upset and sadly death. The workhouse was a place of last resort for homeless and destitute people, those who could not - or would not - find work to support themselves. It was a grim place, and those who reluctantly entered its gates knew that they were only ever likely to leave in a coffin. The present building was completed in January, 1855. The Workhouse was almost a self-sufficient world of its own with its own teacher, chaplain and doctors, chopping its own fire wood, doing its own laundry, growing its own vegetables, having its own infirmary and its own van to transport lunatics to asylums elsewhere if they became unduly violent.

Life for the inmates of Ripon's workhouse was hard; they were expected to adhere to strict rules of behaviour and to work at difficult, often tedious tasks. Male and female inmates were separated and had their own yard areas.

Reported Paranormal Activity

Reports of people feeling watched and followed around the building, both during the day and more so at night, a gentleman has been known to show himself to the unexpected. More eerie there have been reports of banging and cries coming from a closed empty coffin and many have reported poltergeist activity.


Due to the nature of this event, please understand this event is not suitable for people with restricted mobility/wheelchair users. If you feel you have a health condition that may cause worry to you, please email the pay before booking and ask our advice.


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Saturday 8th October 2022

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Tony Hindley is a world renowned published psychic with a great reputation that supports the authenticity of his work.

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