Ripon Police Station & Prison was opened Pre1800 and was known by many names, Ripon Liberty Gaol, Ripon Prison of the Court Military, Borough of Ripon Common Gaol. Ripon prison has housed many of people, from all types of crime. Still standing tall in Yorkshire, Ripon Police station & prison is certainly a place to visit. During the day you can see the history of Yorkshire policing and understand the conditions many people had to endure. At night when the lights are turned off, the station & prison brings a whole new type of feelings.

Reported Paranormal Activity

The sense of being watched follows you throughout the building, soft voices have been heard, heavy doors have been slammed shut and many have witnessed a gentleman walking the halls of Ripon Police Station & Prison.

The Paranormal activity has brought many investigation teams, one being Most Haunted


Due to the nature of this event, please understand this event is not suitable for people with restricted mobility/wheelchair users. If you feel you have a health condition that may cause worry to you, please email the page before booking and ask our advice.


Multiple Paranormal Investigators

1 Psychic Medium

1 Paranormal Researcher

Hot & Cold Drinks

Light Snacks

Full use of all equipment

Paranormal Investigation

Fully insured Paranormal Company

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Saturday 26th March 2022

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Tony Hindley is a world renowned published psychic with a great reputation that supports the authenticity of his work.

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