Dudley Castle was Originally built around 1071, the castle has been visited by many people from all walks of life, it is also seen its fair share of upset, bloodshed and misery.

Once occupied by Queen Elizabeth in 1575 and is said to be the prison of Mary Queen of Scots, Dudley castle is oozing with history.

John Dudley was present at Dudley Castle in 1536, On 18th August 1553 Dudley was found guilty of treason and condemned to die. He was beheaded on tower hill. John Dudley connected to the castle and it is believed he still walks the grounds to this day.

During the First English Civil War the Castle took major attacks and the Royalist soldiers lost their battle with Cromwell. Now fast forward to 20th Century, many paranormal teams have visited the castle and all have had many different experiences. A Drummer Boy being heard and seen, the grey lady of Dudley Castle making her appearance to visits.

Dare you join Tony and The Supernatural Diaries Team as they investigate Dudley Castle.


This event is not suitable for wheelchair users


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Saturday 3rd September 2022

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Tony Hindley is a world renowned published psychic with a great reputation that supports the authenticity of his work.

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