Supernatural Diaries

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Welcome to the official website connected to Supernatural Diaries "Ghost hunting events" Established May 2014

We are a Paranormal Team based within Leigh Lancashire,  Northwest of England, We have been conducting genuine Paranormal events for many years. Each of our team members hold a great interest in the Paranormal. We welcome all our guest to come along to our events and become "Paranormal Investigators" for the night.

During our Paranormal Evenings, we work together as one team to gather evidence of the Paranormal. Using Ouija Boards, Dowsing Rods, EMF meters, Trigger Objects and more. We use Scientific and old school ways of gathering evidence . During the course of the evening our resident Psychic Medium will work along side you all, answering any questions you may have. Tony will also bring spiritual protection to you all.

Along side Paranormal evenings we also plan and conduct, Clairvoyant Evenings, Workshops, Open Development Circles, Séance Evenings and more. To see all our events take a look on our events page.


Supernatural Dairies has been voted one of the best / recommended  Paranormal Investigation teams within England, by celebrity Ghost Hunter's Ray and Ally, as stated in Take A Break - Fate and Fortune Magazine.


Come along to our Paranormal Events and meet "Brian The Haunted Bear" 

As seen in Take a Breaks Fate and Fortune July Edition 2017 

"Teddy Bears Scares" 

Psychic Medium Tony Hindley has recently wrote his first book - "Using Your Intuition" Available NOW  

Supernatural Diaries is fully insured for all our events 

Our Theatre is available for hire