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"Supernatural Diaries" 

Supernatural Diaries was opened in May 2014 by Author Psychic Medium Tony Hindley. 

We offer many different types of events within the Paranormal & Spiritual field. 

Supernatural Diaries is based within an Old Cotton Mill in Leigh, Lancashire. 

Tony has hand selected his team, who all have an interest within the Paranormal World. All down to earth and welcoming. In total there are six team members, who will assist Tony at all our events. 

Tony Hindley (Sumner-Hindley)

Author, Lead Investigator, Owner of Supernatural Diaries

"Back in 2014 I never thought Supernatural Diaries would be as big as it is today. I have met so many fantastic people along the way. We as a team have been able to investigate some of the most beautiful places England has to offer. My team are down to earth, friendly and caring. During all our events we ensure all our guest are looked after. I am proud to say I am the owner of Supernatural diaries and proud of my teams work" - Tony Hindley  

Kevin Sumner-Hindley

Owner, Historian, Social Media

"I joined Supernatural Diaries in 2016 when I met Antony (Tony). I really enjoy all aspects of the business, but I do enjoy the Clairvoyant evenings. Seeing Tony on stage makes me feel proud to be alongside him and this fantastic team we have. Over the years Supernatural Diaries has expanded and we are happy to say we are expanding even more. Watch this space " - Kevin Sumner-Hindley


Social Media, Paranormal Investigator

"I have known Antony 17 years. When he decided to set up Supernatural Dairies, I joined to support him and because of my interest in the Paranormal . We have visited some good historic buildings and real haunted premises. We are not your normal paranormal group we prefer to use old school techniques, like dowsing rod, divination boards and Scrying. However! We do use modern equipment for a more variety way of investing. We are a get involved group and we will encourage guests to participate as much as they can". - Ryan Rushworth


Paranormal Investigator

"Well what can I say, 2018 has been one of the best yet, but 2019 is going to be even better! With a new range of Ghost Hunting Equipment and new venues, it's safe to say im looking forward to my 5th year with Supernatural Diaries and Tony. Come along you wont be disappointed" - Dawn


Paranormal Investigator

"I joined Supernatural Diaries as a guest and attended every event. A few months went by and I was then invited to become a team member. Tony saw my passion for the Paranormal and I was excited to join his team.  We have visited  some amazing venues throughout my time with the team and gathered a lot of fascinating evidence using both old school and more modern techniques. I can't wait to see where we visit next  and what we find on our next events". - Alison Wingrove


Paranormal Investigator

"I got introduced to supernatural diaries via a mutual friend who loved their ghost hunts. I went on my first one at The Barlow in Bolton and loved it. The team are brilliant and their paranormal investigations are always professionally done and always had great locations to visit. I got the ghost hunting bug and had to go on more I was going on their events for a year I got to know the team more, I was on a ghost hunt at Wigan sea cadets, when Antony asked me if I would like to be part of his team. That was an easy answer and I couldn't wait to start. Now 3 years in and I will never look back. I happy to be part of the team and looking after our guests on our events X" - Michelle Jones

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